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Cupartown is Closing Down

The Cupartown web site was created in 2002 for the Cupar Business Association. The Association closed later that year and the web site has not had any funding since then.

In 2011, as part of the revitalisation of the town centre, we were asked to redesign the site. There was no funding, but we did the work as a gesture of goodwill to the business community.

More recently, we planned a totally new application for the town - CuparTX. This would promote engagement between the community, businesses and voluntary organisations. It would also have provided an 'app' for tablets and smart phones. But this had to be commercially viable and few of the towns' businesses were prepared to support it.

The content within the Cupartown site has become out of date and, without funding, we can't devote the time needed to update the content and to keep it updated. We have therefore and regrettably taken the decision to close the site with effect from 28 February 2015.

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The old market town of Cupar lies in the heart of the fertile Howe of Fife. Easy to get to, Easy to park in, and Easy to find most items on your shopping list.

If you live in Cupar, it's time to rediscover what's on your doorstep. If you're passing through, then stop off for lunch or just a coffee. If you're having a break in Fife, take an afternoon to explore the town and discover for yourself why there's no need to go anywhere else!