Beautification Beauty Salon Customer Review

Beauty Salons Nottingham

When it comes to making you feel beautiful, relaxed, and luscious. Beautification Beauty Salon has what you need. Out of all the beauty shops in Nottingham, this one definitely, without the shadow of a doubt, takes the cake. From the moment you walk in you just enter into an atmosphere of comfort, professionalism, and friendliness. You almost don’t want to leave.

It’s so much more than it may appear to be, which is saying something because it’s such an inviting place with a calm sensible aura. There’s just so much that’s available there at the complex.


A pinnacle of pampering and being your home away from home you have access to so many services.

Manicures and Pedicures

If you think you’ve had the best Manicures and Pedicures you’ll ever have then think again. Beautification takes everything a step further in the right direction with their different array of these classic procedures.

Signature Luxe Manicure

The Signature Luxe Manicure is done in one of their splendidly decorated private rooms, a great recommendation for those in need of solitude and peace granting you your well deserved alone time or, alternatively, to share the wonderful experience with a companion in one their twin treatment rooms.

Signature Himalayan Pedicure

You are undoubtedly in for a treat when this service starts off with a tasty organic tea and a comforting elixir mist. As they then take hot towels to your feet, they are placed in a soaking bowl ordained with fresh mint leaves and then adding extravagance with Himalayan mineral crystals, guaranteed to be 100% natural. It’s an experience for the ages as that’s just the beginning.


Soul Sensation

It wouldn’t be a beauty shop without a massage. Dubbed, the “Soul Sensation” this extremely refreshing treatment begins with a tea ceremony, foot bath, complete exfoliation of your entire body and the riveting Power Massage.

After you’ve been relaxed and sensibly awakened with the welcome tea, your feet will begin to be smoothed as the tension just melts away inside of an organic crystal soak foot bath and scrub. You’ll then succumb to the delights of an organic, sugar or salt based full body scrub before gently wrapped in soothing, hot towels. A complete mind and body treatment that takes you on a journey of the senses.


You simply won’t find another experience like this in any other beauty shop in Nottingham. You owe yourself this unique treat, as what’s mentioned here is just the tip of the iceberg.

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